Our Philosophy

Our standard of success is your well-being.

We're an association of conscientious, caring financial professionals committed to providing sound and sensitive strategies for your financial and investment issues. Simply put, our job is to guide you how best to use all of your resources so that you can live the life you want.

Three skill sets are used to accomplish this job.

  • Life Planning: Uses tools and expertise that enable us to get to know you at a level that is more personal than the mere "facts and figures" of your financial life.
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning: Involves an assessment of how the various aspects of your overall financial situation have been addressed and integrated.
  • Asset Management: Involves the design, implementation, and monitoring of a personalized portfolio model that is consistent with your investment objectives and financial goals.

We realize that the selection of a financial professional is an important and serious decision. It's our responsibility to demonstrate that we're able to provide financial services appropriate to your individual situation. At no cost to you, we'll initially assess your current investment portfolio and financial plan to determine which strategies can be most beneficial to you.

We believe that, fundamentally, financial success has more to do with realizing personal dreams than with amassing great wealth.

One word describes our role in your life: ADVOCATE.

In order to provide objective advice, we're an independent financial services firm that is not a representative of a particular company or of any product lines.  We, therefore, can objectively offer access to an extensive array of financial products and services.

Because life is not static and financial markets are unpredictable, it's essential to assess progress and performance regularly.

When your financial plan has been completely implemented, we'll establish a review schedule. This review process is the means by which we adapt your financial plan and investment portfolio to changes in your personal circumstances and market variations.  In addition, we continuously monitor the performance of your investments relative to your unique benchmarks.  For most of our clients we offer a fee-based arrangement for asset management in which our revenues are directly tied to your success.